nsf1Science Source is a multimedia news desk based in the University of Montana School of Journalism that delivers environmental science reporting to rural and Native American communities in Montana.

Science Source is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Who we are

Kindra McQuillan, Fellow

Kindra McQuillan is a curious person from Oregon. She’s interested in figuring out how things work and the stories behind people’s decisions. She got her bachelor’s degree at the University of Montana in cultural anthropology with a special focus on human ecology, and, having realized that journalism can be a vehicle for exploration, she’s now getting her master’s degree in environmental science journalism. She loves Science Source and learning to tell stories through print, radio, photo, and video. Contact Kindra at kindra.mcquillan@umontana.edu.

Allison Mills, Fellow

The daughter of a logger and cowgirl, Allison Mills grew up in a Western household, which kept its sage and Ponderosa flavor even after the family relocated to the Midwest. Mills attended the School of Environmental Studies, a public alternative high school. Her experiences at the school and an exchange trip with an Inuit school on Baffin Island inspired her to pursue an environmental focus in college. In 2011, she graduated with a degree in geoscience and a particular interest in soils and geochemistry. Mills is now pursuing a master’s degree in environmental science and natural resource journalism at the University of Montana. Contact Allison at allison.mills@umontana.edu.

Mike Huberman, Intern

Mike Huberman is a broadcast journalism major at the University of Montana. He is a graduate of the 2012 Freedom Forum American Indian Journalism Institute at the University of South Dakota. He also participated in the 2012 UNITY Convention student project, and is a three-time recipient of the Birdwell Scholarship for Journalism. Huberman is a volunteer at the UM Global Partners Program, The Cash Hyde Foundation, and a DJ at KBGA, UM’s college radio station. He focuses on multimedia storytelling.

Matthew Frank, Director

Missoula-based journalist Matthew Frank is thrilled to be leading a project that brings quality, in-depth environmental science reporting to rural Montana communities. He comes to Science Source after four years at the Missoula Independent, where his feature writing won regional and national awards, including, in 2012, a first-place prize from the Society of Environmental Journalists. Matthew holds a MS in environmental studies from the University of Montana. Contact him at matthew.frank@mso.umt.edu.

Alison Perkins, Principle Investigator

Dr. Alison Perkins’ interests lie at the intersection of media and science education. She holds a MS in Wildlife Biology, a MA in Radio-Television Production, and a PhD in Forestry and Conservation from the University of Montana. Her research interests include ecology education, how people learn about science, and sources of ecological knowledge (especially media).  Perkins also is an independent producer with the Broadcast Media Center, where she is actively pursuing productions that enhance understanding of ecology and the environment. Reach Alison at alison.perkins@mso.umt.edu.

Betsy Wackernagel Bach, External Evaluator

Dr. Betsy Wackernagel Bach is a professor of Communication Studies at the University of Montana, where she has worked for 29 years. She served as President of the National Communication Association in 2009, and then was subsequently employed by the Association for two years as Associate Director for Research Initiatives. She specializes in organizational communication, with an emphasis in the mentoring, socialization, and retention of organizational newcomers. She served as UM’s Associate Provost for Retention and Enrollment management for four years and as Interim Dean for the Davidson Honors College for two years. She has also served as an evaluator for the Northwest Commission of Schools and Colleges and is frequently called upon to do departmental program reviews and conduct other assessment and evaluation activities.